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Undergraduate research in the UK?

  1. Nov 2, 2011 #1

    I'm an undergraduate student, studying Mathematics and Computer Science (but dropping the Computer Science part next year) at a UK university. I definitely want to do a PhD and get into academia later on, and I've read countless times that undergraduate research is the best way of getting accustomed with how research works and is really great to have on your CV when applying for a postgraduate position. Now, I've only heard of undergrad research being possible at American universities; is it in any way possible to get a similar experience at a British institution?

    I have already asked my personal tutor and he was stumped. He said he'd ask around, but clearly it's not something that a lot of people (or any people, perhaps) enquire about. I'd love to be given an opportunity to experience research first-hand and get involved in my Faculty's inner workings, but it is clearly not as widely available and popular as in the US. Can anyone from the UK shed some light on the issue?

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