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Undergraduate research journals

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    I've written 2 papers one was more or less an expository on a difficult topic in group theory and the other one I just finished writing is a paper that introduces the basic concepts in elementary measure theory and then gives an original result from it. I submitted the first one to a journal but was rejected the next day because I don't have a sponsor. The journal only required 1/3 of student authorship which means 2/3 of the paper was done by the sponsor whereas my paper was 100% student work. I think it's unfair that these journals are supposed to promote student research and make it impossible or people like me who are doing all the work on their own to submit a paper. I've searched dozens of journals and they all have this sponsor policy, but I was wondering if anyone knows of one where that's not the case or has any advice. The whole thing is pretty frustrating considering the work I put into each paper.
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    I've thought about this issue a lot over the past year and a half. I had this sort of elementary work that I was doing in my free time and it snowballed into something that to me was worthy of a submission to a journal -- except I couldn't find one that would even look at it. I went to one of my Professors and it took a few months, but he finally looked at my work. He thought it needed extensive polishing if it were to be even considered and in the end I scrapped the paper totally. But.. He took a liking to my work and manner and made an offer to me to help him with his research, which I jumped at.

    I assume you don't have a professor to go to (b/c you didn't already) so maybe my little story won't help.. I guess it comes down to the fact that good things can come out of nowhere.
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    Maybe contact a mathematics professor that does research at a nearby institute? I'm sure any [nice] professor would be willing to help an undergraduate that's done original research.
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