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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

  1. Mar 1, 2013 #1
    I am and undergraduate student and I am planning to join some universities for graduate school. My problem is that every single one of those schools list 'undergraduate research' not really like a necessity, but definitely a big plus. In addition to that seeing how the majority of the applicants have done some research as undergraduates (some even have publications) I begin wonder what my chances are. That's because I have never done a research (and I am on my Senior year) because that doesn't really exist for undergraduates in my country. I have even asked a professor of the relevant field to be his assistant (so not even research but help him with his teaching obligations) and he replied that he accepts only graduates.

    Moreover I can't even take my undergraduate thesis as a research because our 'thesis' is more like choose a topic and write about it, no new breakthroughs, no new knowledge to expand the field nor anything.
    I have even searched for some science and tech institutes and they all said they only accept from graduates onward.

    And all of that is quite normal here because no one does undergraduate research.

    So how handicapped I am providing that I have excellent CGPA and mediocre GRE (Q:158, we are talking about research oriented science&tech graduate) and can I do something alone instead of research, just to show them that I have the enthusiasm?

    Thank you
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