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Undergraduate schools

  1. Aug 24, 2009 #1
    I will be applying for undergraduate schools in a couple of weeks, and i only have 1 or 2 definite schools that i want to go to. Mainly University of Maryland College Park (-close to my house -cheaper then most state universities -solid math and physics programs -research opportunities) but i also have Virginia Tech in mind.

    So what I'm asking for basically is if anyone has had a good experience at a school around my area which those qualifications while also keeping attending grad school in mind.

    Many thanks to anyone that lends advice.
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    UMD is a pretty good school, a lot of my cousins went there (and a couple were math/physics major) and they have positive comments about the school overall.

    In fact it's going to be one of my choices for my undergrad :tongue:
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    I am currently a senior at UMD in physics and astronomy. Maryland has a very good department. There are many opportunities for research, and the professors generally seem to enjoy teaching. I do have a couple complaints about the physics curriculum, but there are easy ways around them. I love it at Maryland.

    Unfortunately, I only applied to College Park, so I can not tell you much about other schools in the area. I know UMBC has a solid program, and a focus of their department is biophysics. UVA has a rather large program as well, I believe. There is Johns Hopkins right up in Baltimore which I believe has a solid reputation. And I don't know anything about Virginia Tech.
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    thanks, glad to hear UMD is decent.
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    oh yeah my cousins went to UMD college park, just in case you're wondering
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