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Undergraduate summer research situation

  1. May 14, 2011 #1
    I'll try to keep this brief.. So, I am donig a non-grant based undergraduate research project this summer at my university. One of my advisors gave me two options. One of the is medial difficulty (still not that easy), and the other one high difficulty (I would have to read up a large number of papers on the topic, some of them by the advisor who probably will not participating in co-authoring a report).

    Right now, I'm thinking of doing the medial one, so I can write a formal report by the end of the summer. If I do the difficult type of project, I have to research many papers to see what I can do, and will unlikely to have enough time to publish a thorough formal report on original research. And that is assuming that I will be able put together the experimental apparatus itself (which involves confining non-fusing plasma with a set of Flux-Conserver magnets, and producing a current with another set of special magnets, but this has been done nonetheless).

    I would learn a little more from the later, as it is more challenging and at a graduate level. The question I have is, should I do the undergrad. type project and have a complete report, or do the graduate-level type project and not have a thorough report. Thanks for reading!
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