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Underground cable

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    Hello guys,

    If form example I am given the sequence impedance of a cable ( positive, negative, zero) Will I use all of these impedances to calculate the voltage drop of the cable? or only the positive impedance?

    Anyone here knows where can I find table of xlpe cable (various sizes) for 13.8 kV distribution line which contain the following, ac resistance, inductive reactance and capacitance...... please need your help.
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    I'm not very familiar with transmission lines at 50/60Hz power main frequencies, and I'm not familiar with the terms you are using for impedance. Do you have pointers to some cable datasheets that might help us answer your question?

    This is the kind of characteristic impedance terms and equations that I'm familiar with:

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    A really good place to start would be here:
    These guys have been in the cable section for a good many years. Check the engineering/tech section.
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