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Underground research

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    "Underground" research

    Reading some passages of the book by Simon Singh (The Code Book) about the shadowy works in cryptography by some mathematicians (only made know recently) and speculations about today advancements possibly made by national agencies. I've been wondering to what extent tecnologies and research done in areas that can be considered delicate in the name of national security are hidden from a broader audience.

    What do you guys know about this subject? From facts to speculations I would like to know a bit of what might be happening (or already happened) in such cases.
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    Re: "Underground" research

    If we told you...well, you know what happens to people that know too much.

    I don't think anyone on here is stupid enough to give out any secrets to which they are privy.

    I *DO* have the recipe to the US Senate's Bean Soup".
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    Re: "Underground" research

    You've got a nice computer there, redS. You wouldn't want anything to "happen" to it, would you?
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