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Underplatform damper

  1. Oct 3, 2011 #1
    Please can anyone explain about underplatform damper and where it is used?
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    Can you expand a bit on your question? Where have you heard about this component? What do you mean by platform? What kind of platform? What do you think an "underplatform damper" would be used for?
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    I guess the OP means something like

    There are many of variations on this basic idea used in rotating machinery like steam turbines, jet engines, etc.
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    Yes, AlephZero- that's exactly what I was talking about.

    Reason is, I have done consideerable finite element coding related to dynamics/vibrations -however recently I have been introduced to terminologies/components involving jet engines in general.I'm mainly a structural engineer.

    Therefore, was getting into foums/weikepedia and getting a feel of terminologies.

    I was looking for someone to explain me this in an intuitive way so that I can expand my thought process than being just mathematical.

    Sorry berkeman if question was unclear.

    Please can anyone help further - i.e.an intuitive way of undestanding the function of underplatform damper?
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    Please can anyone help?
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