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Understand how a low pass filter

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    Hi, I'm new into this subject.

    I'm trying to understand how a low pass filter (where the frequency f is from 0 Hz to [tex] f_u [/tex] ) for a speacker is working. The fuction for the low pass filter is [tex]\mid H \mid = U_out / U_in[/tex], that is

    [tex]\mid H \mid = R / \sqrt{R^2 + ( \omega L )^2}[/tex]


    [tex] \omega = 2 \pi f [/tex]

    That I don't really understand is how [tex]f \rightarrow 0 \Rightarrow \mid H \mid \rightarrow 1 = \mid H \mid_max [/tex] (f is the frequency) and [tex]f \rightarrow \infty \Rightarrow \mid H \mid \rightarrow 0 [/tex]. I believe that I would need a graph.
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    Gm, I've reckoned it out, I quess it was too persceptible to percieve, sorry.
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