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Understandable, recent physics

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    In your opinion, what modern physics - theoretical or observational - is simplest to grasp?
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    How do you define 'modern'? Post-Egyptian, post-Galilean, post-Newtonian...?
    I think that for a layman (of which I is one), gravity might be the easiest to grasp observationally just because things fall down. You don't need the specifics to understand that it happens on a pretty regular basis.
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    Andy Resnick

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    It's different for everyone.
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    OK, what post-1905 physics is easiest to grasp mathematically by the layperson, yet most fundamental?
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    Well the opinion on this question would be different for a different person.

    If you are studying particular recent physics concepts, then perhaps they seem easier to grasp for you.

    If that is the case, then the answer for me would be the concept that if two similar surfaces are so clean that when they make contact, they can get so close to each other that the electrons overlap, then those two surfaces will fuse together.

    I am currently testing this in a lab.
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    That's pure Jeanius!
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    :rofl: Was that necessary?
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