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Understanding a Post

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    This is just a trial post to see what public information is seen in a post. I don't recall providing a user name, so I'm wondering if I did and it will appear.
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    OK, so how do I change my public ID from my name to a userid instead?
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    Send a PM (link near the top right when you're logged in) to either of the admins requesting a name change. Make sure to include the reason you want it changed, and what you want it changed to.

    Admins: Since this topic comes up so often, maybe it would be a good idea to have a standard form for name change requests? On the other hand, that might encourage too many requests for you to deal with. Just an idea.
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    Thanks. I happened to notice that option an hour ago in the verification msg sent to me, so sent one. The moderators are probably enjoying the day off.
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    There are only two admins that could change your name and its up to them whether they do it or not. An alternative will be for me to ban this account and delete the posts and you sign up with another name. Contact me if the admins refuse to change your name. You can find them here:


    Take more care in future. :wink:
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    Please remove me. I'll re-register. I think the register process page should ask for Public User Identification and not User Identification.
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    on the net username is synonymous with nickname, send me a PM
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