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Understanding computer memory

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    I understand that giant magnetoresistance is the effect that you can change the conductivity by a magnetic field and the basics of how it works in terms of spin etc.
    But how is this exactly used to store memory?
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    It's not. At least in mainstream computer memories. What technology are you asking about? Links?
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    It's possible the OP is confusing magnetic recording technology used on hard drives with RAM and ROM internal computer memory.
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    I read the heading at the top of the Wiki reference above. It says
    which, considering the subject, made me smile.

    The history of computer memory and storage technologies makes amazing reading. There have been so many different solutions. Magnetism has been there, periodically, since the beginning.
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    he must be talking about the old magnetic core memories used in the 60s
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    Not quite, but the old core store type of memory element was based on the same principle, or so it says in the Wiki article. The non-volatile nature of it makes it very desirable - no need to reboot after a power down.
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