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Homework Help: Understanding key concepts in Quantum Mechanics/Condensed Matter Physics by a chemist

  1. Oct 26, 2011 #1
    Hello, I am a chemist and have been working on chemical dynamics. Recently I have started working on some many body interactions. Therein I have found some ideas about Fock Space, Fock Matrix, Fock Space Coherences. These are extensively used to provide characteristic information in static/dynamic/coupled systems.

    1.What I want to understand is the physical basis of these terms. Although I have a fair bit of idea on its mathematical weightage, I am not able to get its physical significance.
    2.Also I need to know how do You perceive the transfer of a state from a Hilbert Space to a Fock Space.
    3. How do we know whether the atom/molecule/complex is in the Fock Space.
    4. What factors or grounds do we consider before attempting to solve a system by taking it into the Fock Space.
    5. If you can prescribe me any book where I can get a hold of these, I will be even more grateful.

    I've gone through lecture notes by C. Nayak, Demler, Dinsmore. But still am not clear. I would really appreciate if you help me out. A chemist shifting to Physics is really proving difficult.
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