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Homework Help: Understanding Pascals Principal in detail

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    I'm a grade 12 phsyics student from WCI high school in waterloo ontario.
    recently or class was studying pascals principal and it stated that it only worked using liquids. The text book said some thing around the lines of:

    when the small piston pushes on the liquid in the closed container the pressure is spread evenly in the container and the big piston will move to lift the heavy load.

    The problem was the text book about 2 pages later stated that pascals principal only worked for liquids and not gases. I cannot see how Gases can not be used to achive a simular effect. If the small piston pushes on the gas will the gas not spread the pressure evenly inside the container there fore achiving the same effect as the liquid.

    If some could help can privide with a good reason to why this is either true or false that would be great.

    Thanks DOCMUR
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    Gases can much more readily display a different phenomenon when you press on a side of their container...
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