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Understanding phonons

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    I'm making my way through 'The Trouble with Physics' and am getting my head around phonons.

    It sounds to me like
    - phonons are a sort of virtual particle that results from emergent properties of the underlying forces
    - (IMHO) photons-as-particles could be considered phonons resulting from the underlying electromagnetic wave (thus the dual nature of light)
    - (IMHO) the current flow in a wire in the positive direction (i.e. opposite the movement of electrons) is actually a moving "electron hole", and this moving positive charge can be considered as a (positively-charged) phonon particle.

    Am I barking mad?
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    I always thought that phonons where just a quantumized form of vibrations in matter. In other words, packets of vibrations, just like photons can be thought of as packets of EM waves.
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    Ah. OK, so it's limited to sound-like propogation. That does gel with what the book was saying, I was over-enthusiastic.
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    More precisely: sound-like propagation is only a particular kind. Phonons are linkened to vibrations but these can be acustical or optical. You find difference in a bi-atomic chain in which vibrations take place in-phase or out of phase. Modes can be longitudinal or transverse. Phonons are optical with an interaction with em field occurs.
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