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Quantum Understanding Quantum Physics: A User's Manual by Morrison

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  1. Jan 25, 2013 #1


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    Code (Text):
    [*] Introduction: Why Quantum Physics?
    [*] Into the Microworld: Duality and the Double Slit
    [*] First Postulates: The State Function and Its Interpretation
    [*] An Illustrative Interlude: Wave Packets in One Dimension
    [*] Observables in Quantum Physics: A Pragmatist's Approach
    [*] A Quantum Equation of Motion: The Schrödinger Equation at Last
    [*] Simplifying Matters: The Time-independent Schrödinger Equation
    [*] States of a Particle in One Dimension I: Mainly Piecewise-Constant Potentials
    [*] States of a Particle in One Dimension II: Mainly Continuous Potentials
    [*] Operators in Quantum Mechanics I: The Importance of Being Hermitian
    [*] Operators in Quantum Mechanics II: To Commute or Not to Commute
    [*] Eigenfunction Expansions: How to Solve Any Problem in Quantum Mechanics
    [*] Altered States: The Great Measurement Mystery
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