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Understanding separable ODES

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    I understand how to integrate this: ∫y2dy.

    I dont understand how to integrate this:
    di(t)/dt = i(t)p(t)
    intergrate((di(t)/dt/i(t))*dt = p(t)dt) (see this image: http://i.imgur.com/OdKI309.png)

    how do you perform the intergral on the left, seeing as as it not dt, but di(t)?

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    Can you do this integration? ##\int \frac{du}{u}?##

    BTW, there are no such words in English as "intergrate" and "intergral."
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    Yes I can do that.

    But I do not understand how do integrate (what word do I use?)
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    This is essentially the same as what I wrote.
    ##\int \frac{du}{u}## is the same as ##\int \frac{du(t)}{u(t)}##. The only difference is that in the second integral, it is made explicit that u is a function of t.
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    Thank you Mark!
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