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Underwater musical instruments?

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    i was pondering why no fish have ever become famous musicians :confused: when it occurred to me …

    are there any musical instruments designed to be played underwater?
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    Do whales count?
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    I don't know any whales who are famous musicians :blushing:

    but they certainly aren't fish. :wink:
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    Ok so like would you listen to it underwater or from above? It would have to be really loud to make it from underwater to above I think.
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    Jonathan Scott

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    I've heard of types of gong or bell which are lowered into water or raised up as they are played to create interesting pitch effects.

    Wind instruments rely on air. Most other instruments rely on forms of vibration that would be significantly damped (!) by water as well as being completely changed in pitch.

    However, see http://danielharrismusic.com/Underwater_Music_I.html" [Broken] which I just found with a Google search, and in particular the SOSNO instrument, which is mostly electronic (cheating really).
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