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Underworld Mythos

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    After watching Kate Beckinsale Underworld: Blood Wars (part v) in the theater last week. I watched Underworld: Awakening (part IV) and Underworld (part 1) and Underworld: Evolution (part 2) last night.

    The werewolves were known as the Lycans. Has anyone read their books.. how do the Lycans shapeshift? Is it by changing the muscles in their bodies and faces? And why are the vampires so strong, are their bones made of something akin to Wolverine Adamantium? According to David Icke in his book The Biggest Secret.. the real shapeshifters are the Reptilians who can change form to humans and reptiles. But he also refer to the vampires as Reptilians.. as in Draco or Dracula.

    In Underworld: Evolution, it is revealed that the original Vampire and Lycan were brothers. In other myths, are the vampires really at war with werewolves? Or only in Underworld?
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    Are you looking for an Underworld canonical explanation?
    If so, why drag a crank like Icke into it?

    One is a known fictional world, with its own internal laws; the other is a guy who was told by a psychic that he could hear spirits and is a published holocaust denier.

    One of these things is not like the other.
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    As far as I know David Icke has no connection at all with the underworld series of movies.
    The movies are conceived and made as entertainment, some of it quite good (imo).
    Icke runs a paranoid conspiracy website which is presented not as entertainment but as fact.
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