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Medical Undescended Testicles

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    I'm a 28 yr old male & had undescended testicles on birth. A surgery was done at the age of four and half yrs & one testicle dropped down to the scrotum. Now I can feel the other testicle stuck in between the scrotum & the groin area. Is there a possibility to bring back the second testicle into the scrotum with the help of a surgery?? Pls advice me on what I should do since I'm hoping to get married at the end of next year.
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    Please consult a surgeon. There is nobody on an on-line forum that can assess your condition and offer advice. You need an assessment from a real doctor who can examine you and discuss your options.

    Good luck.
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    Agreed. Note that it is against PF rules to provide medical diagnoses. Please visit a doctor who can examine you and give a proper diagnosis.
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