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Uneven Cratering of Moon's Surface

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    I read about how one side of the Moon is more heavily cratered than the other.

    What would explain this unevenness?
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    This is just a guess, but the moon orbits us so that we always see the same side. The side facing us should be less cratered as the earth offers it some protection from hits.
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    Its not so much uneven cratering; 'our' side of the Moon has suffered the massive Maria forming events where as the farside did not.

    This is a real mystery.

    Although the Moon was closer to the Earth in the past it could not have been so close for the Earth to physically protect it as a shield, because that would require the Moon being well within the Earth's Roche limit and it would have broken up.

    There is a second mystery here - the same is also true for the Earth; we call the Earth's Mare the Pacific Ocean! In the past it was even bigger as the land masses were all one continent - Pangea.

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