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Unfair infractions I think received from Vandium50

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    I had genuine question about the constituency of dark energy and he/she kept responding to my messages with infractions added to my account. How are you supposed to expand your knowledge in an area of science if you don't critical examine fundamental assumptions of scientific theories that are accepted by a segment of the physics community but are not the result of any direct or indirect physical evidence? I would have pm him/her about this issue , but I was afraid she was going to add more infractions to my account.
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    If you are interested in physical evidence of dark energy then you need to look at Galaxy Cluster Animation :biggrin:

    I hope that helps you in your search for truth. :approve: Now whoever gave you infractions more than likely had reason to do so.
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    I wasn't disputing the existence of dark energy, I was questioning how the propose constiuent quintessence can be a leading candidate that makes up dark energy if we have not yet physically observed this quintessence and it does not seem well defined. I 'm not saying that I'm right, but she should demonstrate to me why this assumption that I made is flawed , rather than say 'your wrong, don't question the accepted model'. He/she did not say those exact words, but thats the sort of attitude I got from his/her responses in pm.
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    Please contact a mentor.
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