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Unfamiliar symbol

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    What does the folowing symbol mean: ¥ and it sometimes has an equals sign through the bottom
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    Thanks Greathouse, but it still does not make sense to me. The problem is as follows:

    2^4 ¥ 3^2
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    Is that the complete statement of the problem?
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    YES, NUTRINO. If you completed it then it would be 16 ¥ 9 which makes no sense to me since we already have a symbol for greater than.
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    Where is the problem from? Have you looked through your notes, textbook, or whatever for a definition of this symbol? If you still can't find it, ask you ever gave you the problem.
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    It is from a GLencoe/McGraw-Hill text and yes, I have reread the chapter and preceding chapters, researched the symbol through Google, and the only thing that comes up is the Japanese symbol for YEN. I am beginning to think that the text made an error.
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    Hmm. In that case it makes me think of the old ANSI upper ASCII characters.

    OK, here it is. It looks like character 180. Hmm... that doesn't help any, it's just an acute in Unocode. I have no idea what that could have been intended as.
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