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Unhappy story

  1. May 17, 2012 #1
    I have always been a top class student in my life. In my International O'level post-16 exams (done from Bangladesh), I got 8 A grades in 8 subjects that I took. In my A level post-18 exams (done in the uk), I got 5 A grades. In those exams, I got 591/600 in Physics and 570/600 in Maths and I did two years' worth of A level chemistry and maths in a single year. I also did A level Additional Further Maths, which is first year UK university math material and I self-studied that subject in school. This wasn't all. I did the SAT subject tests in Physics, Chemistry and Maths and I got 2400/2400.

    I wasn't picked by Cambridge becuase of a poor interview (the grades were good), so I enrolled at Imperial College London to study physics and specialise in Theo. physics later. I was an international student, so funding was an issue. My dad managed my tuiton fee for the first two years, but for the third year he couldn't. He went broke in my country's despicable stock market crash. So, since June last year, I have been sitting duck all day at home back in my country. I withdrew from my course for a year and am hoping to rejoin this september, but only if my dad has enough money and that seems unlikely.

    I tried universities in my country (Dhaka University, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology), but they wouldn't accept a top-class student from Imperial College London becuase they don't accept students from private unis. The good private unis in my country dont have physics courses. :-(

    I've been tutoring students privately now just to spend the time. Only three people I have spoken with during the last nine months in my country know Imperial College London, and two of them were uni professors. The third was the director of un division of ministry of foreign affairs whose son i tutor. It just makes me wonder what kinf of job i might get in this miserable country where no one even knows my uni.

    I really do feel miserable. I have ALWAYS been a top-class student and now I don't know what my academic future is going to be!
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    hi failexam! :smile:
    that's ridiculous! imperial should be very well known, especially in physics

    from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imperial_College_London
    It is consistently ranked among the top universities in the world, ranking 24th in the world (and 5th in Europe) in the 2011 Academic Ranking of World Universities,[11] 6th in the world (and 3rd in Europe) in the 2011 QS World University Rankings,[12] and 8th in the world (and 3rd in Europe) in the 2012 Times Higher Education World University Rankings.[13] There are currently 14 Nobel Prize winners and two Fields Medal winners amongst Imperial's alumni and current and former faculty​

    have you tried contacting the student welfare office at imperial (or the graduate placement office if there is one), to see if they have any contacts in bangladesh?
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    I believe your best bet is to find a scholarship to finish your studies. I recommend start searching, and asking.
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    Gave me an advice that might help you since you can leave Bangladesh .

    He told me that i can go to the states , work and pay for my own tuition it seems doable so since you clearly have started at Imperial all u need to do is find a university that offers a similar course in the states and you can work and pay your own tuition and you won't lose your previous work at Imperial I guess .
    I'm talking from a logical point but i have no knowledge to support that so if any one knows if transferring in the middle of a course is valid or not he can help you.

    I hope this will help you and If it did help you have QuarkCharmer to thank for that :D
  6. May 18, 2012 #5
    Leipzig Universitat offers a B.Sc in Physics in English. As far as I know, they don't charge tuition fees and living expenses in Leipzig are much cheaper than in London. A PF member here spends only ~300 euros/month, including accommodation, which is subsidised. If you're interested in studying there, contact them and find out whether you'll be able to *transfer* into the 2nd/3rd year.

    [http://www.uni-leipzig.de/~physik/bachelor-physik-ipsp.html] [Broken]
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    uh, imperial isn't a private uni...
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