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its my first post here! :rofl: YAY!! :rofl:

im applyin for uni in the UK this yr and hav to write my personal statment. im applyin for a degree in Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering.

im finding it really hard to get started as i dont know what to write. i dont want to begin wit "i've always been fascinated by..."

any help/ ideas would be great :smile:




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This looks like something that Brewnog is probably best qualified to answer. For my input, though, I would hope that you're considerably more careful with your typing on the application. :biggrin:


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Ooh, where are you applying rossi?

Try and come up with something vaguely original. Mine had anecdotes about being young and taking toys apart (then not being able to put them back together again), and getting a carburettor for my 6th birthday, things like that. I heard of one guy who wrote a rather amusing statement about how he'd nearly blown his arm off whilst making his own explosive devices. I'm not suggesting you try and be funny, but something which stands out is more likely to keep your application out of the "no" pile.

Ultimately, you need to say why you're interested in engineering (to show the admin tutor that you're passionate about what you've applied for), and also give a bit of background about yourself so that the admin tutor can see that you actually have a life, and have a chance of settling down at university.

Make sure there are NO spelling or grammatical errors in your statement; I know the admin tutor for that very course at one UK university and he instantly blackballs any application with careless errors. Also, type it, don't handwrite it.

Good luck, keep us updated.
The overriding question that admissions officers ask themselves is: is this candidate likely to successfully complete our degree programme?

So, the first thing I'll look at on your UCAS form is your academic record - good results in maths and physics, some achievement in other areas, especially English.

Then I'll look at your school's assessment of your character, ability and suitability - though many headteachers themselves don't know what engineering is all about.

Only then will I look at your personal statement. I'm not really interested in anecdotes and you don't need to be witty or unduly original - what I want to see is evidence that you fully understand what you're getting into. The study of engineering is intellectually demanding and I'd be happier with someone who had wanted to be a physicist and only recently discovered an interest in engineering than with someone with a lifelong passion for tinkering with machinery. You're not aiming to become a car mechanic.

Finally, I'll look for some accomplishments other than your academic results - but don't overdo it. Better to mention one or two outside interests than ten - you shouldn't have had time for them all at school and you certainly won't have time for them all at Uni.

And, as Brewnog says, get the spelling and grammar right. As an engineer you'll have to write clear, concise reports about complex subjects. Your personal statement is the only immediate evidence I'd have of your ability to do that.

Best wishes. You shouldn't need luck.
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