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Unidentified fruit

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    I am looking for the name of this thing fruit (or vegetable):

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    Look familiar, pretty sure I've tried it. Has a crunchy feel and sour taste. Don't know the name though.
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    Well it is not a carambola.
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    Can you get a better, closer picture, can you cut one open? Would knowing the country it's in help? The leaves look similar to tomato leaves, but this is a tree?
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    Hmm, where did you obtain the image, that might help?
    Does look tomato like, but lacks the very sturdy stems and branches that tomato has.
    Looks to me also to be a bit like a fig, one of the smaller varieties, not really a 'tree'
  7. Jul 24, 2015 #6
    Okay, I will bite.
    Though, aren't UFO threads banned?
  8. Jul 24, 2015 #7
    It's made in Greece by a friend of mine.
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    I've searched the internet and the cape of this fruit does look similar but the cape is I think much smaller than this one, right?
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    Ground-Cherries? (physalis) Sometimes they look like gooseberries when unripe. They use them a lot here in europe, and would grow well in Greece.
    Theres 50-100 varieties too.
  11. Jul 24, 2015 #10
    Ha! We were picking wild Gooseberries and Saskatoon berries in the woods yesterday. Had some on my French toast this morning.
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    Could be but did you notice that these are more round shaped than elliptic shaped like the normal ones?
  13. Jul 24, 2015 #12


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    Yeah, but its the only thing with the maple-like leaves I could think of, and theres so many varieties, it could be any shape when young.
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