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Unidentified running object

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    Unidentified running object.

    Its 9 o/clock at night and i am just getting into my car, when this
    white shape less thing shoots past me, now there is no wind ,as my
    first thought was litter blowing around, when the thing started to
    wander all over the place at about my walking pace, i had to investigate,
    when i caught it and grabed the white thing, it turned out to be a piece of rag with a hedge hog under it.
    Another mystery solved by the fearless ram.
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    Be glad it wasn't a skunk under it .:biggrin:
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    All hail the fearless ram. :approve:
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    I am quite fearless now as regards strange events, i mean i still have
    the noises, and coins tuning up where they should not.
    I am still trying to find a way to trace the noises automatically.
    Has any one an idea PLEASE????????
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    One could do an acoustic analysis with two or more microphones and a timing (time delay) circuit for each pair of transducers.

    Acoustic emissions using an array of transducers can be done similar to a phased array radar system. If done right it maps exactly where an noise orginates - location/orientation and range.
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    Of course, those of us with a limited budget and less regard for sundry creatures than Astro favour carpet-bombing the suspect area. :biggrin:
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    I am willing to pay a resonable amount, or even build some thing up
    from a circuit diagram, i have searched the electronics shops around
    here but can find nothing to do the job, i have also searched the net,
    the only things i could find are expensive pro jobs.
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    It's been years since I saw a hedge-hog. They have all been run over by cars over here, whether they cower beneath pieces of rags or not. :frown:
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