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I Unification might be here already.

  1. Jan 8, 2017 #1
    Hello everyone, i was thinking about string theory lately and I believe that where many believe there is no proof for it, it might be already under our noses.
    Atoms are made out of protons, electrons and neutrons.
    These particles are further composed out of quarks and the strong interchanging current which is described in string theory as a string.
    These strings vibrate, distorting space in waveforms and through the relativity equation we can extract a mass out of this vibration.
    Now most people say that theoretically and mathematically the string theory is most elegant, there is just no proof in reality of it.
    I beg to differ, I say it has been lying under our noses for decades.
    This is where the double slit experiment comes into play, where you have a dissonance of the particle acting as a wave or a particle by the certainty/uncertainty principle.
    Maybe the particle behaves like a particle in a certain state because of the quarks and in an uncertain state as a wave because of the distortion caused by the string?
    If this would be correct and taken that strings also exist in our physical bodies, might it be possible that consciousness action and unconscious action are both parallel to the certainty and uncertainty principle found in the double slit experiment?
    Moments of perfect timing where your body intuitively reacts to frequency in such a way that you wake up just before your timer is set to go off might be explainable by this.
    I know that talking about consciousness takes one into la-la land, but going by the 11 dimensions predicted by string theory there might just be enough room for la-la land.
    I would love to hear your replies!
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