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Unification of space and matter

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    if empty space has dark energy. Then if you put alot of space in one place at once then you would have alot of energy. Then becuase E=mc^2 all that energy could coalesce into matter. Therefore all matter could be space.

    this unifies spacetime and matter energy

    this is just a theory and I want to know if it could work or not
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    How about coming up with some ways to test your theory? ("Testable predictions").

    How would you go about putting "a lot of space in one place at once"?
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    I do not know what type of predictions this theory would make which is why I ask

    all the space in the universe was at one place at one time (the time right before the big bang) and matter simply is space that did not get uncramped.
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    not all "matter" is not still the same way as it was during the big bang. However all proccesses of bringing matter together still works with my theory
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    You may want to re-read and understand in better detail the various Big Bang Models. For instance, you need to understand GR's concept of spacetime. All "space in the universe was at one place at one time" is terribly wrong, because this already assume that there is such a thing as "one place at one time", and everything is there. This is absurd when spacetime didn't exist yet!

    I would also strongly suggest you read again the PF guidelines regarding overly speculative posting, in case you missed it the first time around.

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    You really ought to think about the issue some more. Note that Physics Forums currently has a separate forum for people who are proposing their own theories, as opposed to discussing standard, accepted theories. This is the independent research forum.

    The independent research forum has some fairly stringent guidelines, including that the theory must be well worked out enough for it to actually make predictions. If your theory isn't this far along, you'll need to develop it to the point where it can do this, in order for it to be taken seriously.

    Note that this is a general requirement for any scientific theory, not just a particular arbitrary requirement of this board. If a theory isn't worked out well enough to make testable predictions, it is not yet a scientific theory. It may become one with more time, work, and effort on the part of the theory originator at some later date, but until it can make testable predictions, a theory has not matured to the point where public discussion will be very profitable.
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