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Unified field theory

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    Could it be?

    This may tax your mind, to grasp and coalate all these concepts that I’m about to lay on you, I know they did with me, when these thoughts first came to my mind. I'm not sure how long ago it was, when I first contemplated this, but I know that it was quite a few years. Then it came back to me the other night, while watching a Nova show about the new string theory, the unified field theory, and other stuff. Could it be, that the Unified Field Theory is right under our noses, so close that we cannot see it? Might gravity, electro magnetic, and the magnetic forces, all run off the same “fuel”, the fuel of opposites attracts. We all know that the north and south poles attracted, and most know that if you run DC electricity through coils you can make an electromagnet. A lot of us know that electrons move in a wire because of the positive\negative attraction. And a few even know that changing the direction that the current flows through those wires in the coil, reverses the polarity of an electromagnet.
    So what if gravity works on the same principle, of opposites attract. All electron spin in the same direction around all nucleuses, which I suspect is a given. That means that the bottom of one atom has an electron moving in the opposite direction of the electron on the top of the atom below it. This works for the atoms beside it as well, since the electrons would be moving down on one, and up on the one next to it. I know this is putting it much too simplistic, as electrons probably do not stay on one plane, but move in sperical direction, more like when rolling up a ball of yarn, you rotate the winding circles on a third dimension, so that you get a spherical object, and not just a two dimensional object, like CD or role of tape.
    In the two demsional winding, the rotation is around one axis, and is diplayed on the other two. I will have to assume that this third dimension skewing of the rotational axis, to gain a third deminsion, is the same with all atoms, like always rolling your ball of yarn the same way. All electrons would skew in the same direction, and this would just be one more opposite to attract the atom next to it. I’m not sure if I’m using the right word, skew, but I mean that every time it does a circular orbit around one axis, the axis itself is shifted on one or both of the other axises. This is so that the electron does not end up going through the same point, each time it rotates 360 degrees.
    Since we know that electron moving though a coil can produce the North/South field, which can be used for attraction in an electro magnet. Then why cant we see that the opposite direction of the spinning electrons, one on the top and the other on the bottom of of the arc of an atom, might be causing the electromagnetic and gravitational pull of everything to every other thing, on this earth, and every other body out there in this vast universe, which our good Creator fashioned.
    Both run with the same rules or laws, distant decreases their effect, and size increases their effect. A larger magnet or electro magnet has more magnetic pull, and a larger body in space has more gravity, or larger gravitational pull. I have no way of figuring out if this logic works or not, and do not know the mathimatical formulas to calculate it. So that is why I’m just throwing this ball out there, in forums where many people can read it, to see if someone with the right bat, (means to prove or disprove) can hit this one out of the park.
    It gets even better, if there were a way that we could reverse the direction that the electrons spin, would that not form antigravity. The electrons would be spinning in the same directions, when the top of one atom met the bottom of another. That would cause repulsion, hence anti-gravity.
    If these far-out thoughts, which go through my head, turn out to be correct, and not just fanciful daydreams, then I will be so thankful. I feel that I should just be thankful, for I feel that it would be my knowhow, but God using me as His pen. For it was God who blessed me with this mind, capable of learning all the preliminary stuff, giving me the ability to understand or think up this complex stuff. I am not well enough versed in my discernment skills, to say that He actualy taught this to me, but I give Him all the credit, even if He did not purposely direct me to these conclusions.

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    You gave an essentially (albeit flawed) model for a fridge magnet and unfortunately not every perceivable phenomena in the universe. But keep trying.
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    Interesting. I feel somewhat more thankful myself. -Mike
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    The college crowd here will be able to point out lots of flaws in your ideas.

    I will restrict myself to a couple of things: Electromagnetic fields depend, at any point in spacetime, on 6 real numbers. Read up on the Faraday tensor, which is rank two and antisymmetric. By contrast, gravitational fields depend, at any point in spacetime, on 10 real numbers. Read up on the metric tensor, which is rank two and symmetric.

    Also, the coupling constants for electromagnetism and gravity are drastically different, and you will have to sharpen your ideas to be able to crank out any plausible reason for that fact.
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    By the way, Joe...

    I am intrigued by your phrase "but God using me as His pen." As it happens, I belong to another discussion website forum, and one of the members there has been engaging me in religious debate via personal email for the last three months. She is trying to get me to believe in the God of the Bible, and I am trying to show her that (i) there are many reasons to believe such a deity does not exist, and (ii) such a God would not be worthy of worship if it did exist. One of my challenges to her is to show that such a God cares enough about her to speak directly to her; to give her knowledge in a supernatural way that she could not obtain by any natural means.

    May I issue a challenge to you? I have just placed an object to the left of my computer keyboard. While I may move it away later on, I will remember for the next few days what that object is. So if you get back to this thread, would you ask your deity to reveal to you what the object is, and go ahead and post the answer here in this thread?

    I have met people who claim that their God speaks to them in quite specific ways, but I have never been able to induce them to take up an experimental test of the issue.

    Thanks for your cooperation!
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    I thought about this before. I also wondered if what they say is true about antimatter (i read that it supposidly has a reversed electron movement?) not sure if its true. but I dont see how a 3 demensional+ object can be perpendicular (or reversed) to another? (like 2 opposing electron clouds). I see how magnetic fields can be perpendicular which would create this repulsion. anyways if its true then if we could interact with antimatter without anhialation (sp) would it technically be antigravitational matter(relatively)? someone explain how 2 3d elements can exist oppositely always. (i feel like a 2d guy on paper and cant see 3d!) is it just because all electron clouds are oriented in the same fashion i thought they were sparatic so how can 2 collide oppositly all the time?
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