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Homework Help: Uniform Angular Acceleration

  1. Feb 22, 2008 #1
    Uniform Angular Acceleration plz help :)

    A wheel is subjected to uniform angular acceleration. Initially its angular velocity is zero. During the first 1-s time interval, it rotates through an angle of 88.3

    Through what angle does it rotate during the next 1-s time interval? - I found the second 1-s time interval to rotate through an angle of 264.64 deg.

    Through what angle during the third 1-s time interval? - I can't seem to figure the angle for this time interval

    Ok So for the first part I found the angular acceleration to be 1.54 from the equation angular acceleration= (wf - wi)/change in time for the first angle change 88.3. I used this angular acceleration in the eqn. Change of Angle = Wi (change time) + 1/2(angular acceleration)(change time)^2 I plugged in 2 for the change in time here. I took that answer which was 352.94-88.3 to get final angle of 264.64. I dont know how to manipulate the angular acceleration for the third 1-s interval, but i believe for this one i plug in 3 for the time change... then subtract the angles from the first two intervals to get the final interval.
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    Why don't you try telling us what you've done so far and how you've done it? You'll get more help if you do that.
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