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Uniform circular motion formula when the object submarge in acid?

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    hello friend, this is my first post please go easy on me. the best way i can express my problem is below.
    I attach a pic to give you a better idea.
    A is a circular disk with 4.5" diameter, DISK A is driven by C which is connected to a DC motor. B is a pin diameter of 1 mm which is gonna rotate in a uniform circular motion when DC motor is on. an object will be on each pin(B) which is hollow in the middle like a cylinder.
    if you can imagine everything i mention will be submerged to acid and i am trying to figure out what speed should i run the DC motor to keep the object always in-contact with pin B?

    density of acid say =x
    and density of object say =y

    is there any other factor i should consider? is it possible to use a formula to find out the velocity of motor. please help its not a home work, its a part of a mechatronic project where physics has nothing to do but because i came into a position where i need to find out the right speed i need physics :(

    thank you very much for your help.

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