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Homework Help: Uniform circular motion of a rolling object

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    A soccer ball of diameter 33cm rolls without slipping at a linear speed of 2.4m/s. Through how many revolutions has the soccer ball turned as it moves a linear distance of 18m?

    How do I just find the revolutions? I know how to use the equation to find rev/s, but how do I just get revolutions?

    Thank you.
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    Find out how long it takes for the ball to do a full revolution. Then find out how long it takes for the ball to move 18 metres. Divide the latter by the former and you should get your answer.
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    hint: there is superfluous information in the problem.
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    I'm using the equation N=X/2pi*r. When I do this, I'm getting 8.68 revolutions, but it's wrong. Is there another equation I should be using?
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    Nevermind. I know what I did wrong!!
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    Doc Al

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    Your equation is correct. Be sure you are using the correct value for the ball's radius.
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