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Homework Help: Uniform Circular Motion questions

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    The drawing shows a baggage carousel at an airport. Your suitcase has not slid all the way down the slope and is going around at a constant speed on a circle (r = 11.0 m) as the carousel turns. The coefficient of static friction between the suitcase and the carousel is 0.910, and the angle in the drawing is 29.2°. How much time is required for your suitcase to go around once?

    I tried using 2(pie)r/T for this one .. and i tried finding the velocity usin rg*tan29.2 ,,, wat next ?

    Speedboat A negotiates a curve whose radius is 133 m. Speedboat B negotiates a curve whose radius is 209 m. Each boat experiences the same centripetal acceleration. What is the ratio vA/vB of the speeds of the boats?

    Dont you just divide the 2 ?? .. to get the ratio ?

    A 12.9-kg monkey is hanging by one arm from a branch and swinging on a vertical circle. As an approximation, assume a radial distance of 73.0 cm is between the branch and the point where the monkey's mass is located. As the monkey swings through the lowest point on the circle, it has a speed of 2.79 m/s. Find (a) the magnitude of the centripetal force acting on the monkey and (b) the magnitude of the tension in the monkey's arm.

    i cudnt find this one out .. but i have the knowns - 12.9kg .. 73 cm and 2.79 m/s
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