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Homework Help: Uniform circular motion

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    A question on circular motion i wasn't able to figure without knowing the mass of the body. Can anbody post the ans + procedure. Thanx

    A car travels over a humpback bridge of radius of curvature 45m. Calculate the max. speed of the car if it's road wheels are to stay in contact with the bridge. Assume g=10ms-2
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    What is the centripetal acceleration? :-)
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    Welcome Neil !
    As you can see :
    No. :mad:

    It will be possible to provide you hints about that :approve:
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    You must assume that the car reached its maximum speed, therefore this speed being constant. Then use Tide's hint and the value given for g.
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    here is a hint, and its a BIG one, draw a free body diagram, and use this formula [tex] F = \frac{mv^2}{r} [/tex]
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