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Homework Help: Uniform Electric Fields

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    A particle with charge +7.88 μC is placed at the fixed position x = 3.00 m in an electric field of uniform strength 300 N/C, directed in the positive x direction. Find the position on the x axis where the electric field strength of the resulting configuration is zero.

    I dont understand this problem. I thought if the electric field is of uniform strength, then the strength would be 300N/C throughout the field. How can the field strength be zero?
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    The charged particle would change the uniform field. In many questions of this nature, they give you a charged particle that is small enough that it does not effect the uniform field in any signficant manner and then asks you a question about what happens to the particle.

    In your problem, I assume the charged particle is having a consequential effect on the uniform field if there is a place in this space where the field strength is zero. Also it says the charged particle is at a fixed position, meaning they dont want it to "react" to the uniform field.
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