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Homework Help: Uniform Motion

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    ok this is a basic and simple question for UNIFORM MOTION. We did a lab in which a a Ticker tape and ticker tape was used. We were to hold on to the end of a tape while we walk severel steps as our partner operates the ticker timer. As im walking im pulling the tape as smoothly and steady as possible.
    And then we had to draw a position time graph by measuring and recording the position for each time interval (6 dots, with each space representing an elapsed time of 1/60s, so each time interval consists of 0.10s ((6x 1/60s=0.10s))
    I just need help with answering these questions

    suppose you were to walk with a non-constant velocity. How might this appear on your ticker tape? Describe and explain the appearance of the dots on the tape.

    If you postion time graph were not a straight line, what conclusions could you draw about your motion.

    How would the graph change if you repeated the experiment but moved more quickly? more slowly?
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    If you are walking at a non-constant velocity, this means that your velocity is changing, and therefore the rate that you pull the tape through the timer is changing. How do you think pulling the tape through at changing rates will affect the holes?

    If your position vs time isnt a straight line when plotted, it must be curved. If its curved, then the gradient is changing. Knowing what you do about what the gradient of position vs time plot represents, what can you say about your motion.
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