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Uniformity of dark energy distribution

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    The question that follows assumes that there can be energy
    conservation in general relativity:
    Dark energy is said to have a uniform energy distribution in space.But
    how can the distribution be uniform if dark energy is created from
    some other energy source, and energy sources such as galaxies and the
    microwave background do not have a perfectly uniform distribution, and
    their non-uniform distribution means also that energy sources such as
    vacuum particles cannot be uniformly distributed?
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    It is highly unlikely. Dark energy accounts for about 70% of the total energy-mass of the universe. It can't come from some other source.
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    Dark energy can come from some other source provided that source is all the other matter in the universe and that in the past there was less dark energy and more of the other matter.Not a problem.This means that other matter is currently decreasing -
    look at the cmbr photons - they are losing energy, gravity is getting weaker between galaxies - gravitons are losing energy.
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