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A Unifying Lorentz force and Magnetism?

  1. Jan 11, 2017 #1

    we had the idea that Lorentz force and magnetism might be the same fundamental force.

    Actually, it's even possible to derive a formula from both resulting in a new single formula where no magnetic fields exist anymore, but only charged particles that attract/repel each other based on static forces (depending solely on distance & charge) and then the new part, based on dynamic forces depending on distance, charge and relative velocities and directions.

    We described everything in a short paper (3 pages) and are looking for qualified feedback on this. As we don't know how we could achieve a peer-review for this we are asking here for any technical feedback as well as recommendations on how to proceed!

    The paper can be downloaded here: http://theory.kechel.de/attachment/462/kechel_unified_magnetism_and_lorentz_force.pdf?download=true

    The mathematical derivation can be downloaded here: http://theory.kechel.de/attachment/462/Dyn_Force_Math_20170109.pdf?download=true

    Thanks for any help!

    best regards,

    Jan Kechel
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