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Homework Help: Union of two subspaces

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    Prove that a vector space cannot be the union of two proper

    Let V be a vector space over a field F where U and W are proper subspaces.

    I am not sure where to start with this proof.
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    There seems to be something missing in this problem. For example, take the case where U,W are proper subspaces of V, and [itex]U \subset W[/itex], then [itex]U \cap W \equiv W[/itex] is also a proper subspace of V.

    Are you sure there's not some other restrictions regarding the subspaces?
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    Would it matter that it is the union and you have written the intersection?
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    What is the definition of "proper subspace"? You should have included that definition when you posted the problem.
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    A proper subspace can't be equal to V.
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    But how is this term defined? What you gave is not the definition.
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    If U is a proper subspace, then the dim U < dim V and U isn't the subspace of just the 0 vector, i.e., not the trivial subspaces.
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    So your definition of "U is a proper subspace of V" does not include requiring that U be a subset of V?
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    That was a typo. Coto meant [itex]U \cup W = W[/itex].
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    I think the issue is that the union is not the same as the span. The union of two subspaces will not be a subspace unless one of the subspaces is contained within the other (is a subspace of the subspace) in which case the union is the larger subspace.

    So apply that to the question at hand...
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