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Unique Hydrogen ?

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    Hydrogen is such a peculiar element. It is placed in Group 1 of the periodic table. I can't find the reason why is it placed there. It exhibits none of the properties of that group 1 elements exhibit. One theory suggests that hydrogen can behave like a metal. Please explain how is that possible.
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    What properties do metals have?
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    Microsoft Encarta says that Hydrogen is a non-metal and group 1 has alkali metals. Then why is it placed there ??
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    This is tricky - based on hydrogen chemical properties its position in PT is unclear, it becomes logical when you look at the electron configuration. But you can find people arguing that it should be placed in other positions, like above carbon or fluorine.

    IMHO these discussions are nitpicking and a waste of time. PT predictive power is more rule of thumb than a precise tool. It played an important historical role and it helps to organize knowledge about elements when you start to learn chemistry, but treating it in an orthodox way doesn't make sense. Too many exclusions.
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