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Unique users

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    There is a discussion going on on another forum I'm a member of about the costs of running a forum. I just want to compare, but I have no idea how big this forum is. How many unique users come here every month?
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    Welcome to PF. As of today's PF Statistics, we have 220,583 members. There are far more than that who casually read the site without becoming members. A very small percentage are regularly active, though.
    If you scroll down the right side of the home page, you will see a list of who is currently active.
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    A few million
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    They're all PFers, so all are unique :tongue2:.
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    Math Is Hard

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    Some are more unique than others. :biggrin:
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    Clever! :biggrin:

    And they become unique members-users once they sign in :tongue2:
    ... And once they contribute, they become goldy-members-users :tongue2:

    Oh! I forget to mention mentors... But what would they be?!
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