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Unit Conversion, kRPM/V

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    For a motor modeling project im trying to find a value that is measured in Volts/kRPM (Voltage constant) , in the motor specs that I am given i have a value in RPM/Kv,

    If the value for RPM/Kv given is 245, how can i find Volts/KRPM, or is that even possible

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    I assume K means 103

    so 245 rpm/kV = 0.245 rpm/V

    So now dividing by 1000, 0.245(10-3)krpm/V.

    Just invert now to get the units of V/krpm.
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    So, it would be 1/0.245(10^-3)?

    That comes to 408, which is a ridiculously high voltage constant, or at least from what ive seen anyway
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    My guess is that your second value is in kRPM/V, not RPM/kV. Very few motors run on thousands of volts, so RPM/kV wouldn't make sense as a unit.
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