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Unit conversion W->J

  1. Apr 19, 2014 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Effective Power generation of the plant is 5.43*[itex]10^{7}[/itex]W but it will required 9*[itex]10^{16}[/itex]J to be created.

    Essentially the break-even will after solving equation Energy required/Power Generated however I get results of almost 50 years. Would this be correct?

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    In your problem statement you say the Effective Power is 5.43 x 107 W, but on the web page calculation you used 5.34 x 107 W. A typo no doubt. But yes, the result can be expected to be in the neighborhood of 50 years.
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    Sans the typo gneill noted, this is correct.

    Your link stops for me at 1.685×109 J/W. (Perhaps I've overused wolfram alpha?) Sometimes it helps have to cajole wolfram alpha to that it will take the answer a step further.

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    The conclusion is simple. There is no point to invest a broken penny into this power station.
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    :confused: Huh? Did you fail to properly state the problem? What is the criterion for your conclusion?
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    I don't like the title of that thread. That problem has nothing to do with unit conversion.
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