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Unit convertor

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    hey can anyone give a calculator(like any html link) or something of that sort which can convert units, like from british system to SI units and vice versa. looking at the tables everytime is sooooo boring and i am fed up of it.:yuck::yuck:for eg. changing lengths, pressure, weight etc. etc.:tongue::tongue:
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    If you can find one, the ultimate conversion machine is a HP28c. You can create unit strings then as long as they are compatible hit the convert key and it gives you the conversion with the final units. The built in list of fundamental units is huge, it covered everything I have ever heard of, plus more.
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    Try this one

    Just type, e.g. "70 degrees F to degrees C"
    or "3*Pi to degrees"
    of "feet to m"
    It's perfect.
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    :rofl::rofl:hey its perfect:tongue2::tongue:
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    guess i ll hit the store today for this machine:tongue2::tongue2:
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    You may have better luck on Ebay, this is a pretty old model. I got mine in 1987.
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    For Unix/Linux users, there is an unobtrusive command line utility, units:
    Code (Text):
    $ units 7lb kg
            * 3.1751466
            / 0.31494609
    i.e. outputs converted amount and the multiplier of inverse conversion; or in interactive mode:
    Code (Text):
    $ units
    2438 units, 71 prefixes, 32 nonlinear units

    You have: 15 knots
    You want: mph
            * 17.261692
            / 0.057931749
    You have: lbf
    You want:
            Definition: lb force = 4.4482216 kg m / s^2
    The definitions of known units are in /usr/share/misc/units.dat, and if said ~2500 were not enough, one could add ones own :)

    Chusslove Illich (Часлав Илић)
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    I use Omnicon. It kicks butt.
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    i didnt get it:confused::confused:
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    For most unit conversions I have to do, I will use either MathCAD or my TI-89. Both are capable of unit-aware calculations as well as user-defined units.

    While the HP28c might be pretty good, I wouldn't say it's the "ultimate." It's important to note that the TI-89 is easy to find, and relatively inexpensive for its vast capabilities (units and unit conversions being one small part of it). The built-in units list of a TI-89 is quite large, and defining new units is as simple as defining a variable. Unit-aware calculations means it is also able to combine units in calculations for "unit simplification" (such as 0.5 kg * (1 m/s)^2 = 0.5 J).

    You can also find a TI-89 emulator on the internet, which would be a simple way to give you these calculation capabilities on your computer. Do a search on Google or over at ticalc.org for more details.
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    thanks mech engineer for that emulator, it ll surely help me understand that calcy
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