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Unit Question with Capacitance

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    We haven't covered capacitance in class yet, but our lab involves the use of capacitors, so I thought I'd throw out a general question.

    We were asked to use the MOS FET Electrometer to measure charge, and we were given the formula:

    Q = CV

    Where C is the capacitance, and V is the potential difference. C is measured in Farads and V in volts.

    I'm just confused because in the sample calculations provided by the lab handout, we had:

    Qinit = CV = 4.7x10^-9 [F] X 30 [V] = 141 [nF]

    How come the unit for charge ended up being in nanofarads, and not in coulombs or nanocoulombs or anything like that?

    Any clarifications would be appreciated!
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    That has to be a typo.

    1 Farad is defined as 1 Coul./Volt

    You have 4.7 nF x 30 V = 141 nC
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    Okay, that makes a lot more sense.

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