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Unitary transforms

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    hello forum,
    a question about normalization factors in the Fourier transform pairs:

    why is it that a factor 1/2*pi in only one, or 1/sqrt(2pi) in both, or no factor (in the case the complex basis functions have argument 2*pi*f) need to be in front of the Fourier transform pair?

    I understand normalization and its importance in the dot product calculation of coefficients.
    Sines, cosines, and complex exponentials have normalization factors equal to 1/sqrt(pi).......
    in order to get modulus one....

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    it is there for normalization as you said, and there exists several conventions which works.
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    exp (i*w*t) and exp (i*2*pi*f*t) don't have the same normalization factors? Why?
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    since you have 2pi already in the exponential
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