United States Chief Justice dies

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    Whether you approved of his decisions or not, 33 years on the Supreme Court is an honorable accomplishment
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    Hmm . . . just posted this in P&WA. Perhaps we can limit this thread to condolences, and leave any discussion of decisions and implication and such to elsewhere.
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    There will be plenty of time for political discussions. This is a time for mourning and remembrance.
  5. Oh geez, this is the first thing I saw when I opened up my homepage.. my heart stopped.
  6. Astronuc

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    I am very sad to hear the news. :frown: He will be missed.
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    Lets try to keep the politics out of this thread please.
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    I see that there are two Rehnquist threads, this being the condolences thread.

    Hopefully, an equally competent judge as Rehnquist will be selected as the new Chief Justice.
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