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Units help!

  1. Mar 3, 2006 #1
    Hey... just a quick question...

    What quantity is measured in grams/second?
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    i don't know for sure.
    momentum is


    r u sure u got his right?

    if so, if such quantity exists,
    it would be decribing the flow rate or something similar. (this is purely based on your units).
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    g/s would be some sort of flow rate. Like sand flowing out of a holding tank, or liquid flowing down a pipe.
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    It could also be a drag coefficient: F=Cv. C is in kg/s.

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    The rate at which medication is delivered by IV could be measured in g/s.
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    Flow rate, [tex] \dot{m}[/tex]
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    Thanks for all of your help! It really is appreciated... it was just a question on our physics assignment that I could not find an answer for... but now I have thanks to all of you guys... :)
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