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Units question

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    in medicine, a persons platelet count is often reported as either N/m3 or K/uL. are these equivalent, how can one convert between them??
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    Don't know what N and K are - but must presumably be dimensionless.
    uL = micro litre = 10^-9 m3
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    Not sure how this could be seen as a PreCalculus Math problem???

    Moved to Biology.

    It's in your court Moonbear,
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    jim mcnamara

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    In the US it is reported as a number per cubic millimeter.

    150000 / [tex]mm^{3}[/tex] or [itex]10^{-6}l[/itex] a microliter.
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    jim mcnamara

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    Oops. I didn't really answer the question -

    A microliter is the SAME volume as a cubic mm. Your m3 should have been a mm3, I guess. N is just any old number, preferably from 150,000-400,000 would be nice,
    and K is any old number as well.

    So you do not have to convert anything.
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